Our Customer Stories

Fitbod has changed the way people work out. Read how our customers use Fitbod to achieve real results and change not only their fitness but their overall health and well-being!


Blake Ordway, Software Developer, Pensacola, FL

“When I started out, I had no direction in which exercises I should do, or how to do more complex ones. Fitbod gave me that direction when I needed it. At the start, each day I was given new exercises that I had never done before.” 




BJ Christlieb, Truss Designer, Austin, TX

“Fitbod has helped keep me responsible, I never had to decide what I was going to work out each day. I already knew and had a plan.”


Maigen Pham, Psychotherapist, Houston, TX

“I didn't want to have to pay a personal trainer every time I went to the gym. FitBod was the 4th fitness app I decided to try out, and it changed my life… I love that I can customize everything: my fitness goals, my reps/weights, my available equipment, training splits, workout duration, cardio recommendations, and excluded exercises. It truly keeps things fresh, challenges me, grows with me, and keeps me committed!”