Founding Team

We created Fitbod to eliminate the guesswork in planning gym sessions. Before Fitbod, we struggled with the mental gymnastics of blending past workouts, hundreds of exercises and unique gym idiosyncrasies into a concrete workout plan.


CEO, Development

Allen is the CEO of Fitbod. Prior to Fitbod, Allen was a VP of Quantitative Trading Strategist at BNP Paribas where he wrote high-frequency and portfolio optimization strategies. Allen is currently on leave of absence in the Mathematics of Finance, M.A. program at Columbia, and holds a B.A. Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA, where he was two-time Captain of UCLA Rugby Team. He remains an avid fitness hobbyist.

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CPO, Design

Jesse is the product head and designer at Fitbod. Prior to Fitbod, I was a product designer at AltSchool, crafting tools that enable teachers to tailor education to a student’s individual passions, talents and learning styles. Before AltSchool, I lead  design for a variety of Linkedin products, including the flagship iPad app and SlideShare mobile suite. Jesse holds a Masters of Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S. of Cognitive Science from UCLA.

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