Fitbod Achievements Explained

Projected One-Rep Max (1RM): 

The theoretical maximum weight you can lift in 1 rep for a given exercise, calculated from your past exercise history. Your Projected 1RM will always be slightly higher than your actual max weight logged.

Volume Record:

Total weight logged across all sets in a given exercise performance.

Repetition Record:

The highest total reps logged in a single set of an exericse.

Weight Record:

The highest weight logged in a single rep of an exercise.

More about Projected one rep max
Your 1 rep max is the most weight you can lift once for an exercise. In Fitbod, we use this number to calculate how much you should lift in other set and rep ranges. This number is criti
cal for monitoring and optimizing your progress.

 In Fitbod, we won't ask you to test your 1 rep max. Testing your 1RM can be an intense operation, and requires a high degree of caution in order to avoid injury. Instead,  we use a modified Bryzcki formula to compute your projected 1 rep max. Think of this as a normalized number that describes how strong you are in the exercise, taking into account the varying sets and reps scheme that you perform.

 Once we have your 1 rep max, we use a chart (a modified Prilepin's formula) to determine the percentage of your one rep max to perform for recommended sets and reps for the day. Many generic programs will ask you to perform a percentage of your 1RM. Since we know your 1RM, we go ahead and make the calculation for you when recommending sets, reps, and weight.