How does Fitbod recommend Sets, Reps and Weight?

When an exercise is selected, fitbod will suggest a number of Sets and Repetitions (Reps) to perform based on the specific exercise and fitness goal. In addition, if you performed the exercise in the past, fitbod will incorporate prior Sets and Rep counts and recommend a weight based on your previous input. 

Recommended volume and intensity of an exercise - measured in the number of Sets and Reps - is calculated using a modified 'Prilepin’s formula', which our Personal Training Advisors use to design strength-training programs. Our approach first computes a theoretical One-Repetition Maximum using a modified Brzycki formula and incorporates all exercise sets done for the exercise. It then applies the Prilepin formula to find the optimal sets, reps and weight scheme.

Sets, Reps & Weight recommendation is also based on the non-linear periodization resistance technique, which alters the intensity/volume relationship in every workout. With this technique, you may not hit your limit or max effort in every workout, but the method will ensure that intensity and volume are varied and periodically increased over time. This ensures maximum effectiveness for both hypertrophy (muscle gain) or burning calories for weight loss.