How does Fitbod measure muscle recovery?

When you log an exercise, fitbod measures the impact of the particular exercise, sets, reps and weight on a muscle group. After completing a full workout, fitbod provides a composite heat-map visualizing how the set of exercises performed has collectively impacted the muscular system.

For an individual muscle group, fitbod examines the sum of all exercises targeting that muscle group and assigns a muscle recovery percentage between 0% and 100%. Muscles fully recover over a 7 day period in fitbod.

If you have granted Apple Health sync permissions, or inputted your Body Stats (Height, Weight, Age, Gender, etc), Fitbod will adjust your muscle recovery percentage appropriately. 

For cardio exercises, Fitbod will also take into account how often & frequently you log a given cardio exercise when computing muscle recovery state.

Fitbod attempts to design a full workout considering the relative freshness of all muscle groups. However, it’s not necessary to avoid a muscle until 100% recovery. You can continue to work semi-recuperated muscle groups as long as you provide ample recovery time. fitbod will never recommend an exercise that targets a 0% recovered muscle group.