How does Fitbod create your workout?

Most workout plans are fixed, meaning you must perform the prescribed method, even if your body or workout schedule changes. Also with fixed plans, you cannot change an individual exercise and easily understand how the broader workout is affected. 

fitbod, however, designs a unique workout plan - in real time - based on a variety of personalized inputs. With dynamic plan construction, you can change individual exercises or a variety of other workout preferences and fitbod will re-optimize the workout to appropriately incorporate any changes. 

When you open fitbod, the app will examine the entire workout database & your exercise history to select the top exercise that best satisfies the following constraints:

• Targets a primary & recuperated muscle group that will be a point of focus for the workout.

• An exercise best aligned to your fitness goal (for example, Bodybuilding vs. Muscle Tone).

• Satisfies a variety of personal preferences from strength-training style, gender, experience with strength-training, available equipment, and more. 

Next, fitbod will select an exercise which represents the second-best option to satisfy the criteria above. Often this exercise may target the same muscle group, though may target a different muscle group, representing a secondary point of focus for the workout.

To round out the rest of the workout (and if the workout duration allows), fitbod performs a similar exercise selection process to pick more exercises that both target fresh muscles and support the broader fitness goal (for example, Bodybuilding vs. Muscle Tone).

Lastly, strength-training best practices call for a number of core-body exercises that target the Abdominal and Lower Back muscle groups. These muscle groups act as muscular foundation, allowing you to perform proper technique and push the volume and intensity of exercises targeting larger muscle groups.